Wholesale Meat

The company distributes its pork throughout Australia, Asia and other parts of the world. Delivery to retail and wholesale businesses utlises an extensive network of both wholly-owned subsidiaries and contractors. The company wholesaling operations market company owned branded pork, carcasses, commodity pork and pork offals. The operations also sell a range of beef and lamb products.


Baxter's (wholly owned subsidiary of Rivalea) delivers Rivalea Murray Valley Pork and Rivalea premium pork to butchers, supermarkets and restaurants in Melbourne and independent contractors deliver to many parts of country Victoria.



AWM Queensland delivers Murray Valley Pork (and other meats including beef and lamb) to butchers,, food service and wholesalers in Queensland.


New South Wales

Rivalea NSW Wholesale and Trading delivers Murray Valley Pork, beef, lamb and other quality meat to butchers, supermarkets, wholesalers and restaurants throughout Sydney and New South Wales.


South Australia

O'Brien’s (and independents) deliver Rivalea premium pork and Murray Valley Pork to butchers, supermarkets and restaurants in Adelaide and to regional parts of South Australia.


Local Deliveries

Local distributors in the Albury / Wangaratta / Corowa region deliver to butchers and restaurants in northern Victoria and southern New South Wales.