Research & Development

Rivalea’s Research and Innovations team focuses on improvements to animal nutrition, genetics, animal health and welfare, development of nutritious, high quality and convenient products, and food safety of all our products. In order to meet the future needs of our customers and the community, Rivalea operates one of the largest commercial livestock research and development centres in Australia. This significant investment, in combination with highly qualified research and innovation staff, drives continual improvement across our integrated production system.

Rivalea’s research focus is strengthened by our involvement in:

Australian Pork Limited (APL)
Animal Welfare Science Centre (AWSC)
New South Wales Farmers’ Federation
Victorian Farmers’ Federation
APRIL (Australasian Pork Research Institute Ltd)

Since 2000 more than 1500 individual experiments have been carried out. These projects have also involved many of Australia's leading universities, animal health companies and other livestock researchers from around the world.



Balancing economic considerations, animal nutrition requirements and applying new research findings to the existing feed products enables Rivalea to optimise both animal health and the efficiency the nutrition programs.

Ensuring each animal's nutritional requirements are met, minimising feed wastage and optimising raw material use form the basis of many nutrition research projects.


Herd Health

As Australia’s leading pork producer, Rivalea continually conducts trials on new management practices, animal health products and leading edge technology.

Rivalea is the major commercial investor and research provider in the Pork Cooperative Research Centre.



Rivalea operates the most sophisticated pig genetic improvement program in Australia. The program supports many of the production improvements across the farming operations. The genetics program allows the company to own, control and develop its breeding objectives. The program is supported by a team of qualified geneticists and consultants to utilise the world-leading PigBLUP software program.

Trials are continually taking place to improve the rate of genetic improvement achieved within the program. In recent years major advances have been made in feed efficiency and lean growth.

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Food science

Rivalea's food science program involves research in the areas of food safety, new product development and enhanced meat quality. The integration of new innovations and research findings (adapting to changing consumer needs) is paramount to achieving Rivalea's goal of maximising the quality of all of its products and services.