Murray Valley Pork was launched over 10 years ago and is now found in over 250 high quality butcher shops across Australia as well as in many restaurants and pubs. Premium Family Chef Products are found in Independent supermarkets while HighCountry is distributed to food service customers by TopCut. Great tasting, easy and healthy products in the Riverview Farms range have recently been launched and are available through a number of retail channels. St Bernard’s is our sensational free range product.

The Rivalea portfolio of brands have become household favourites after 10 years of creating unique pork eating experiences. Our belief is that pork can be better, and our brands always aim high to deliver on this promise to our customers every day throughout all areas of pork distribution and consumption. If you like pork, you will love Rivalea pork.


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Family Chef is an innovative Australian produced pork product based on taste and convenience aimed squarely at today’s Australian family. Available through independent supermarkets, Family Chef aims to make every eating occasion tasty, convenient and simple to prepare.

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High Country Pork

High Country Pork is a premium Australian product available through Top Cut and top Australian restaurants, pubs and clubs.

The High Country Pork brand has developed, in partnership with Top Cut, with the food service chef in mind. The products across the range are easy to cook and extremely tolerant of extended hold times meaning our chefs can feel confident that their customer experiences will be superior.

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Murray Valley Pork is a premium Australian pork available from butchers and many good hotels, clubs and restaurants. The great tasting Murray Valley Pork products represent some of the very best of Rivalea.

Murray Valley Pork is an innovative Australian pork brand that believes in bringing a combination of quality and innovation to family tables. Working with leading butchers, chefs, restaurants and cafes as well as food technicians, growers and industry, MVP aims to make every eating occasion distinctive, different and tasty.

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Premium Offals

Rivalea produces a wide range of pork offals. Packaged to customer needs, the products are sold to both domestic and export markets.

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Premium Pork

Rivalea provides high quality pork to many retailers and wholesalers around Australia – tailored to meet their needs. The company supplies high quality pork as a private label product for leading supermarkets, and carcass products for both domestic and export markets.
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Riverview Farms

Riverview Farms is the range of traditional Australian pork products that you can trust. The range consists of products that you know and love, but they taste better. That’s because they come straight from an Australian farmer with 40 years of experience producing high quality food across the Riverina and beyond.

When it comes to taste and quality, Riverview Farms is better by a country mile.

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St. Bernard’s is Australia’s finest free-range pork. Produced by experienced farmers using knowledge and instinct, St. Bernard’s is for pork lovers looking for great tasting, top quality, free range pork. You’ll taste the difference.