As a largely agricultural business, long term sustainability and efficiency are key priorities for Rivalea. Our business is focused on conserving natural resources, reducing waste and unnecessary costs wherever possible. Employees are an integral part of the development of innovative solutions to improve efficiencies and implement sustainable environmental management practices in all areas from farming through production, processing and distribution.

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Some of the key activities being implemented are:

Minimising transportation and handling. Rivalea delivers much of its product direct to the retail outlet or DC, minimising the distance travelled by contract transporters.

Investing in developing ways for more efficient use of water, fuel, electricity and gas.

Carefully monitoring environmental impacts and employing the latest technology to control them.


Please contact us for further details on these plans.

For any environmental enquiries please contact the Rivalea Community Hotline on 02 6033 8080


Rivalea is reducing its carbon footprint by operating two wastewater methane recovery plants. Methane is both a potent greenhouse gas and a valuable renewable energy source that can displace fossil sourced energy.


Rivalea is a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC). The APC is a sustainable packaging initiative which aims to change the culture of business to design more sustainable packaging, increase recycling rates and reduce packaging litter.


Sustainable management systems to conserve soils, limit chemical usage and improve water use efficiency are implemented by Rivalea to minimise its environmental footprint. The company is also actively reducing waste, recycling effluent and minimising energy usage.