Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is a critical component of our business and Rivalea commits to "Care for every pig, every day". Our people and systems deliver the highest standards of welfare and are focused on reducing confinement, environmental enrichment, developing best practice pain relief, euthanasia and slaughter. Rivalea is accredited under the Australian Pork Industry Quality Assurance Program (APIQè)


Our people are the single biggest contributors to quality animal welfare. We demand strong internal standards of training, awareness and application of the animal welfare priorities. Our highly engaged and qualified stock people are supported by a team of welfare experts including veterinarians, geneticists, nutritionists R&D and animal welfare scientists.


Rivalea does not surgically castrate, use nose rings on sows, clip teeth of piglets, tusk trim boars or use traditional ear notching. Every pig is provided with ideal cereal based diet to ensure optimum welfare and productivity.


Rivalea is 100% Gestation Stall Free (GSF) accredited (APIQè). Our pregnant sows are housed in social groups, which enable sows to move freely and perform natural social behaviours. During the birth and lactation period, our sows are housed in specially designed accommodation to ensure that piglets are well protected. Weaning of piglets typically occurs between 3-4 weeks of age at which time they are moved into specialised indoor housing or bedded group housing systems.

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Our leadership in animal welfare is strengthened through our involvement in Australian Pork Limited (APL), the Animal Welfare Science Centre (AWSC), the Pork CRC (Cooperative Research Centre for High Integrity Pork), APRIL (Australasian Pork Research Institute Ltd) and the Victorian and New South Wales Farmers’ Federations.

Rivalea Guiding Principles for Animal Welfare