Housing systems

Rivalea prides itself on three main housing systems:


Indoor housing: Pigs are raised in environmentally managed sheds in group housing.

Ecoshelter deep-litter, group housing: Pigs are raised in large groups on deep-litter systems with the flooring typically deep bedding of straw or rice hulls. More than 65% of our pigs of our pigs are reared in Ecoshelter, deep-litter, group housing systems.

Free Range: Rivalea have two outdoor, rotational, free range farms.


Rivalea is gestation stall free. Our pregnant sows are housed indoors and have been housed in social groups since 2012. This ensures that sows are able to move freely and are able to perform natural social behaviours. There are a range of feeding systems floor feeding, shoulder feeding bays and Electronic Sow feeders (ESF).

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A number of our farms move sows directly into group pens when their piglets are weaned and sows are artificially inseminated in specialised mating stations at the appropriate time. On other farms sows are housed in specialised mating stations after weaning which allow for the individual care of sows in the post-weaning period.