Research & innovation

Our Animal Welfare Program Manager oversees research and commercial implementation of our animal welfare strategies.

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  • We continually invest resources and people in researching, developing and implementing improved welfare practices.
  • We are amongst the largest private investors in Australia in research directed towards enhanced animal welfare systems.
  • We led the Australian Pork industry in the voluntary removal of pregnant sow stalls.
  • We are investing significant resources to identifying and developing alternatives to traditional farrowing housing.
  • We initiated the concept of ecoshelter, deep-litter group housing for progeny and continue to develop improvements.
  • We have established two outdoor, rotational, free range farms. We are developing our management practices to optimise pig welfare in these systems.
  • We continually undertake long-term collaborative research projects with Australian Pork Limited, the Pork CRC, the Animal Welfare Science Centre and a number of international welfare research institutions.