Rivalea employs people across an extensive range of professions, trades and other areas often requiring extensive in-house training.

The integrated nature of our business activities and the industries the company is involved in provides new and existing employees with a variety of career opportunities across a number of vocations.

Please view our current career opportunities on the Seek website or send us a General Application.



Working at Rivalea

More than 1200 employees work in Rivalea’s fully integrated operations. We strive for a dynamic, friendly, positive work environment.

The company provides a range of career opportunities, and training and skills development to ensure people are well equiped to meet the challenges that working for Rivalea creates.

At Rivalea everyone from grain growing and farming to processing and distribution plays a key role in placing great tasting meals on tens of thousands of families’ plates every day.

Working at Rivalea means putting Quality First. Quality First means adopting the quality culture and implementing processes, systems and management practices that result in the highest quality products possible reaching the customers and consumers.

Workplace safety is an important part of our business. We implement the program SafetyMAP aimed at ensuring the safety of all employees and minimising the risk of injury.

Rivalea strives to have a motivated, skilled and flexible work force that delivers optimum productivity and assured quality of product and services to its customers.

The company offers a range of training programs to its employees from occupational safety and licensing to workplace leadership.

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General Application

Rivalea accepts general employment applications in the areas of Farming and Meat Processing only. Expressions of interest for opportunities in these areas can be lodged on this site (see below).

All other Rivalea vacancies are advertised on and/or in local print media. Candidates must lodge their applications through the Seek website. Un-solicited applications for any other positions will not be retained. To search for current Rivalea vacancies on Seek please enter "Rivalea" into the search field.

Thank you for your interest in Rivalea employment opportunities.

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