Quality & Sustainability


Certification of quality programs provides confidence to Rivalea customers that they achieve and maintain the highest standards across the integrated business. Rivalea is accredited under Industry Quality programs in each of its key business segments and each program is supported with extensive training of employees.

Rivalea aims to minimise its environmental footprint through sustainable management systems to conserve soils, limit chemical usage and improve water use efficiency. As a company, Rivalea is also actively reducing waste, recycling effluent and minimising energy usage.

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All employees are encouraged have a continuous improvement focus, put quality first and to assist in developing new quality standards at all levels of the Rivalea business. The following programs together with extensive employee training are central to achieving independently audited accreditations:

Feedsafe is the quality assurance program implemented by the Grain Purchasing and Feedmill business unit. 

APIQ is the Australian Pork Industry Quality Program observed by Rivalea, supported with an extensive training program for its employees and contractors in the management, handling and welfare of animals.  

High quality standards and accredited facilities (ISO 9001 / HACCP) also allow Rivalea to be a leading exporter of pork. Food safety and product quality are the key priorities for the Rivalea Pork Processing and Packaging Group. The advanced processes and protective measures employed are supported by an onsite NATA-accredited laboratory, an extensive traceability system and comprehensive employee training.

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As an agricultural business, efficiency is a key priority. Our business is focused on reducing waste and unnecessary costs wherever possible. Employees are an integral part of the development of innovative solutions to improve efficiencies in all areas from farming through production, processing and distribution.



Sustainable management systems to conserve soils, limit chemical usage and improve water use efficiency are implemented by Rivalea to minimise its environmental foot print. The company is also actively reducing waste, recycling effluent and minimising energy usage. 

Rivalea is a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC). The APC is a sustainable packaging initiative which aims to change the culture of business to design more sustainable packaging, increase recycling rates and reduce packaging litter.



Rivalea maintains a strict farm biosecurity program. The risk of humans to the health and welfare of our animals is substantial and visitors must meet a number of access criteria before entry.

Before any entry to Rivalea discuss these measures with your company contact.

Preventing the entry of new diseases to the company production sites is a major focus for Rivalea.



The Rivalea strategy to minimise its impact on the environment and reach planned objectives is critical to creating a long-term sustainable business.

Some of the key activities being implemented are:

  • Minimising transportation and handling. Rivalea delivers much of its product direct to the retail outlet or DC, minimising the distance travelled by contract transporters.
  • Investing in developing ways for more efficient use of water, fuel, electricity and gas.
  • Carefully monitoring environmental impacts and employing the latest technology to control them.

Our Statutory Monitoring Results

Our Pollution Incident Response Management Plans

Please contact us for further details on these plans.


For any environmental enquiries please contact the Rivalea Community Hotline on (02) 6033 8080.




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