Livestock operations


Rivalea is Australia’s leading producer of pigs. Rivalea has an extensive network of company-owned and contract farms across southern NSW and central Victoria producing pigs for Australian and international markets. Rivalea has full ownership of all animals in its system ensuring optimum breeding and rearing conditions and practices. 

The pig farming operations are sustained by a dedicated team focused on raising and caring for its animals. To ensure this is delivered consistently an extensive training program is provided for employees and contractors in the management, handling and welfare of pigs. For more on Animal Welfare »

The production system is backed by extensive research and a team of veterinary, nutritional, genetic and animal welfare professionals. This allows Rivalea to operate a highly efficient and sustainable production system.

Pigs in a pen


Rivalea is an accredited member of the Australian Pork Industry Quality (APIQ) program incorporating the Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals – Pigs.

The program sets standards for farming operations that are consistent with customers’ expectations.

Rivalea's commitment through APIQ is backed by annual external third-party auditing. Rivalea dedicates people and resources to deliver continual improvement in animal care systems, environments, nutrition and management strategies.

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Rivalea employs a strict farm biosecurity and quarantine policy. This is aimed at ensuring livestock are not exposed to health risks from outside the Rivalea Group.

Visitors must always obtain permission and adhere to a series of biosecurity measures before entering farm sites. Rivalea provides amenities (for showers in and out) and clothing at all sites to ensure uncompromising biosecurity standards for all animals.

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Training and skills

Rivalea strives to have a motivated, skilled and flexible work force that delivers optimum productivity and assured quality of product and services to its customers.

The company offers a range of training programs to its employees from occupational safety and licensing to workplace leadership.

As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), Rivalea also delivers nationally accredited qualifications in Meat Processing and Agriculture to provide genuine careers for its people.

Contract growers

In addition to many dedicated employees, Rivalea relies on a network of committed contract farmers to provide additional facilities and management of livestock.

Contract growing for Rivalea enables local farmers to diversify, build equity and lock in long term income. Rivalea employees work with contract growers to optimise facility design and operation to ensure the high standards for welfare and sustainability are maintained for all animals.

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