Grain production


The company currently leases and crops in excess of 5,000 hectares, providing Rivalea with greater control of its grain, silage and hay requirements. Rivalea's agricultural operations also include dairy agistment, beef, wool and lamb production. The company aims to adopt the latest responsible and sustainable management practices.

Wheat Thresher


The quality of the cropping operations is underpinned by a team of well-trained employees, contractors and advisers.

Planning and implementing on-farm quality management practices results in the production of safe and palatable grain for use within the Rivalea integrated system and to supply our stockfeed customers.



Rivalea employs proven and sustainable management practices and techniques such as minimum tillage to prevent land degradation and to improve soil water holding capacity.

Rotation of crop varieties and chemical groups is an important strategy the company uses to prevent weed resistance.

Precision farming techniques are employed to assist with stubble retention and accurate seed and fertiliser applications. Plant nutrients recovered from the pig farming operations assists in optimising more sustainable fertiliser use.

Experienced agronomists provide professional advice on responsible and efficient control measures for pest management, weed control and optimum fertiliser application.

Wheat thresher

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