The delivery for Rivalea Pork and Rivalea brands is handled by wholly-owned subsidiaries and contractors. Through its network of subsidiaries and contractors, Rivalea has the capability to deliver pork nationally and overseas maintaining the highest quality standards for food safety.

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Continual improvement in the delivery of Rivalea product to customers is one of the company's highest priorities.

The company aims to deliver products on time, in good order every time.
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Butchers and restaurants

Baxter's (wholly owned subsidiary of Rivalea) delivers Rivalea Murray Valley Pork and Rivalea premium pork to butchers, supermarkets and restaurants in Melbourne and independent contractors deliver to parts of country Victoria.

AWM Queensland

Delivers Murray Valley Pork (and other meats including beef and lamb) to butchers, supermarkets, food service and wholesalers in Queensland.

Rivalea NSW
Wholesale and Trading
Delivers Murray Valley Pork, beef, lamb and other quality meat to butchers, supermarkets, wholesalers and restaurants throughout Sydney and New South Wales.
The Top Cut group delivers the premium High Country Pork to restaurants and hotels throughout Australia.


O'Brien’s (and independents) deliver Rivalea premium pork and Murray Valley Pork to butchers, supermarkets and restaurants in Adelaide and to regional parts of South Australia.


Local distributors in the Corowa region deliver to butchers and restaurants in northern Victoria and southern NSW.

Pork in shops


A significant portion of Rivalea pork is supplied directly into supermarket distribution centres, minimising handling and maximising shelf life.

Rivalea supplies major supermarket groups with a range of premium products ready for sale.

Packaged Pork

Manufacture and wholesale

Rivalea employs an extensive network of transport contractors to deliver pork products to wholesalers and manufacturers across Australia.

Rivalea works with its customers and suppliers to develop a reliable, efficient delivery process that optimises the cold chain management and maximises product quality.
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Rivalea has an experienced and capable export team with a complete understanding of export requirements, distribution and documentation.

Fresh Rivalea pork is exported nearly every day to Singapore and frozen pork is exported to many countries around the world.
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