Selling your grain

Selling your grain

Sourcing high quality locally grown cereal grains and pulses is a critical element in the success of Rivalea Australia’s integrated animal production systems.

Rivalea prefers to purchase locally grown grains from local farmers and has a history of being a reliable market for local producers. Rivalea has a network of delivery sites that offer a number of different options to the farming community.

Local farmers are encouraged to discuss the sale of their grain with our experienced purchasing staff who will outline the options for the timing of deliveries or the availability of delivery contracts that encourage farmers to utilise their on-farm storage for delivery post harvest.

Rivalea places considerable emphasis on the quality of the products it sells which requires all raw material suppliers to ensure that the inputs they offer are of the appropriate quality and value.

To discuss selling your grain to Rivalea contact our purchasing staff on 02 6033 8000.

Important information for grain suppliers: During the harvest period check the daily prices and space availability by phoning the site operator. Remember to quote your Rivalea supplier code at the time of delivery.

Rivalea Grain Delivery Sites

COROWA Weighbridge 02 6033 8026
BALPOOL Feedmill 03 5887 3028
HOPEFIELD Silos* 02 6035 0515
BALLDALE Silos* 02 6035 1267
* During the harvest period

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